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Size: M - Medium / Standard Fit / Ultrathin / Latex

So Sheer...Is it There?!

L. is a condom company with a cause: supporting women globally by focusing on their sexual empowerment.

We're very pleased to add our support to the L. line. They didn’t simply re-package an existing condom on the US market, which sadly is typical for new boutique condom companies who seem to think a pretty package is all they need. Instead, L. has re-engineered a new condom line for the modern condom connoisseur.

L. ULTRA THIN has been formulated using 100% high grade ultrathin natural latex and featuring a moisture rich, long-lasting lubricant (which is glycerin and paraben free for a naturally blissful experience!).

L. represents a movement for consumers' choice. Support better sex, a better cause, and a better world. Core to their company mission, L. partners with development organizations to support women and HIV/AIDS prevention.

For every condom you purchase, L. gives one to a developing country in need.
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Reviews for L. | Ultra Thin
3 out of 5, based on 2 reviews
from Canada on
We had high expectations based on the description and the spectacular message that is behind this brand. I love that the company distributes one to a country in need. The condom has lots of intriguing qualities in the description that I feel were not held true : *Moisture rich, long-lasting lubricant -- had to reapply rather quickly , *Purified for an ultra low latex scent -- still has the unappealing latex scent, not as terrible as most, but still quite noticeable, *Ultra-thin -- meh average.
Love the movement this brand has supported and love the message and awareness they promote. But in terms of the condom, is was average.
from Boston, MA on
This was a pretty average ultra thin condom; nothing special but an enjoyable experience. I was expected to be wowed, not sure why. It appears to be a strong condom while being thin, which is a great thing. I found it a bit hard to open, so points off for that. I would definitely give it a try.
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