Welcome to the first Global Lube Review!


We’ve carefully chosen the best lubricants for you based on the information you provided.
Your lube samples were specially selected considering your formula requirements and your preferences. 

As we really want this to be the best possible experience for you (and your partner),
let’s begin with a few words of caution:

#1  If you (or your partner) have allergies (including food allergies), please check ingredients prior to use.  For example, while rare, we have discovered that a few lubes have nut oils – so please always double check ingredients for your safety!

#2  If you are using a silicone lube for the first time, you may want to use a towel or old sheet and not brand-new linens, as silicone lube can stain.  If this worries you, use the lube in the bath or shower!

#3  If you have vibrating-pleasure-ware made of silicone, we suggest that you stick with water-based lubes (or use silicone lubes after a spot test and with caution).

THE LUBE REVIEW SURVEY IS HERE!  << click here to access questions!

Once your lube arrive, you may use each lube sample in any order you desire.

HINT: Save the foil package/s to assist you in completing your review.

  • You’ll fill out a brief questionnaire for EVERY lube you review.  

  • EACH review should take no longer than 2-3 minutes to complete.

  • You will use the same link each time to access the survey.
        You will simply selected a different lube from the pull-down menu each time.

  • Whenever possible, please submit your review within 24 hours of using the lube.


The review begins from the moment the lube package is opened.
We're interested in your observations and opinions on packaging, feel, smell and taste.

Once you open the lube, if you do not want to use the lube – don’t.   
If a lube is unappealing –simply make a note, select a different sample, and move on.

PRO-TIP: Silicone-based lube needs just a few drops at a time.

CONDOM PRO-TIP: For the most pleasure (when using condoms) place a few drops of
lube inside the condom and a generous amount outside the condom.
You will see a dramatic improvement in enjoyment!

Please remember: We want ALL of your feedback whether it be positive, neutral or negative!

At Lucky Bloke, our mission - is for every reviewer to find several formulas that they enjoy
and want to continue using!  

Let's get started finding you some fantastic lube that exceed your expectations!

During the review we will be offering prizes and giveaways:
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If you have any questions or comments, we’re an email away:
getlucky@luckybloke.com or you may also use our contact form!


Please send us a quick EMAIL when you hit one of these targets:

Review 6 lube formulas! And, you’ll be sent a coupon code for 50% off your favorite
bottle of lube or any single product we sell at LuckyBloke.com.           

- OR -

Review 10 (or more) lube formulas! And, you’ll be sent a coupon code for 50% off your
next (entire!) LuckyBloke.com order. Anything (and everything) you buy at 50% off!  
You can stock up on your favorites and enjoy huge savings.

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