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Unequaled Luxury Latex

Over 15 years in the making, with the goal of creating the most pleasurable latex condom ever, Naked's "Pleasure Fit Technology" was developed with a German condom company recognized worldwide as the most innovative in the industry. 

Naked was founded on the principal of making a condom that feels better because it is designed better and produced better.

Ultra-thin soft latex and Naked’s patented design allow for a balance of thinness and sensitivity. Understanding that the perfect fit is truly essential, the condom is available in these widths: 49mm, 52mm, 54mm, 57mm (to securely fit at the base of the penis)* and then features a flared pleasure-shaped body.  With the greatest attention to detail each condom is coated with a luxury silicone-based, hypoallergenic lubricant made in Germany exclusively for Naked. This internationally patented condom is manufactured in a state of the art facility. Naturally, even the condom foil has been perfected to provide the most luxurious and safe experience possible.

One box contains six condoms.**

*Note on sizing:  the dimensions are in reference to the measurement at the base of the penis and the condoms flare out wider from there – 45mm (snuggest, most secure-fit) blue foil/box; 49mm (snugger, secure-fit) green foil/box; 52mm (standard-fit) red foil/box; 54mm (roomier-fit) black foil/box; 57mm (larger, generous-fit) purple foil/white box

**Please also note that while an interior seal was cut by the manufacturer due to an error (the interior seal was impossible to cut without a blade), the box is shrink-wrapped to ensure product integrity.uct integrity.

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Reviews for Naked | Luxury Condoms: 49, 52, 54, 57mm - NEW!!
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from Missouri on
RE: Condom Size 52mm (red foil)

I feel like this product warrants a special review as it is so new and promises so much, therefore I am going to be writing this review in two parts: First Impressions, and Post-Using.

First impressions:
The packaging is so pretty!! It looks like it is an Apple product the way that the box opens and the way the wrappers perfectly fit on each side of the box. The instructions included are also printed on a paper that just feels expensive. The outer packaging on the condoms themselves seems sturdy and not at all easy to mess with the integrity of the wrapper. I think that they really are making sure that the entire experience luxurious and well thought out. Although it is a latex condom, I am excited to try these and see if they live up to their non-latex luxury counterparts.

OH, MY GOODNESS. This condom was fabulous.

The wrapper itself tore with ease yet feels very secure in the fact that if one were to throw this in a wallet before a night out, it would hold up. (I'm not saying definitively that it would and would highly advise against that. I have had plenty of guys say they have a condom on them and think I'm crazy for refusing to use it when the air is no longer in it and proceed to use mine. I have found Altoid tins tend to work well for protecting them and aren't conspicuous.)

The latex is as soft as they advertise it as. I barely felt it at all, and it did not dry my vagina out like other condoms do. The lube that was already on it was very soft and slippery. It felt like a quality lube, however, since this was a thin condom, I used some Uberlube to slick it up some more. This worked like a charm and performed beautifully.

The fit on my boyfriend was also great. The condom was loose on the shaft and head, just as the outline of the condom shape said it would be and perfectly snug at the bottom to prevent any spills. I would say that this idea is like the male version of the FC2; it has a large bag feel, but instead of being a large ring on the outside of a vagina (or anus), it has a perfectly sized band that is on a penis. The band itself was also very soft and malleable making it comfortable (according to the boyfriend).

I did lick it to see if there was a taste and there wasn't anything that I noticed. However, I did notice a latex smell to it, but with how amazing this condom was otherwise, I quite easily looked past this.

All in all, I would say most definitely try this condom. I was so impressed with how well it did, I will definitely be purchasing more. These definitely are luxury condoms and the entire experience is worth every penny. I would say that this is definitely on par with the non-latex condoms in every way.
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