Lucky Bloke | NON-LATEX (Standard Fit) Condom Sampler

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The Ultimate (so far) Non-Latex Condom Sampler!

While, we absolutely recognize there aren't enough varieties of latex free condoms
available (yet!), Lucky Bloke does offer the perfect introduction to the best premium
non-latex condoms currently available. Whether you or your partner has a latex
sensitivity -- or you're among the converted who recognize that non-latex condoms
offer amazing sensitivity, heightened feeling, and heat transfer -- we think you'll be
quite pleased with this assortment, which includes:

Lifestyles SKYN, SKYN Extra-Lubricated, SKYN Intense Feel (made from polyisoprene)
Durex Avanti Bare RealFeel (made from polyisoprene)
Unique Pull (made from synthetic resin)
Trojan Supra (made from polyurethane)
FC2 (made from nitrile)

NOTE: Order our 12 pack samplers AND ENJOY A SEXY QUANTITY DISCOUNT!!
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Reviews for Lucky Bloke | NON-LATEX (Standard Fit) Condom Sampler
4.6 out of 5, based on 7 reviews
from cape cod on
Tried the Unique Pull yesterday and can attest that these are like having nothing on at all. Sensitivity was WOW. You guys are the best. And talk about fast shipping...
from Indiana on
I have found that these are probably the best when it comes to comfort. That said, I think I ordered the wrong size. I should have went to the larger options. I find a lot of times, certain sizes will be very tight and almost become more like a penis ring, which is quite annoying. That said, I will be ordering the next size up next time. Thanks for being such a great company though, you really do have customer service in mind.
from San Diego on
Tried SKYN Intense Feel - it was great! Well... it's hard to say it was because of the condom or it was just the perfect timing. It fit well and both of us had a great time!
from Virginia, USA on
Everything was great not crazy about the woman condom though, the others are great with a close to no feel feeling great deal will continue useing Lucky bloke in the future.
from Austin on
These non-latex condoms fit like a second skin without that latex feel or smell. There was no loss of sensitivity for me or my partner. The sampler pak was a great way to try different options. I liked the packaging of the Unique Pull, great for travel. The lubricated condoms were great. Definitely a thumbs up!
from Grand Rapids Michigan on
I'm in college, a place where I planned to continue broadening horizons in my newly discovered world of sex. So, when I came to school I brought along a brand new box of my favorite latex Trojans, a trusted partner in my crusades. When low and behold I meet a new girl, and before choosing a restaraunt for our first date I asked her if she had any allergies. To my surprise she revealed a severe latex allergy. After the date that night I decided I'd better find a new member for the team, my latex Trojans would have to sit this round out. But what do I know about selecting a latex free condom? Luckybloke helped me every step of the way with product selection, great prices, discreet and prompt delivery (important when your peers sort your mail), and a wide variety which my girl was excited to help me choose from. She was so impressed that I took the initiative in finding something that would work for her. A quote from her "I've left other men's bedrooms before, because they failed to do the responsible thing and come prepared. Not that I don't carry my own, but do I really want to be with a man who doesn't know my needs?" These all worked and felt great, plus the variety in the 12 pack has been a fun way to switch things up! I've even decided to let my old latex friends go and stick with a non-latex option from now on since they are so much better at conducting body heat. Thanks so much to the Condom review and Lucky Bloke! You've found yourself a new customer!
from NC on
These condoms feel just like skin, about as close to it as you can get. Plenty of lube, didn't make me feel like we were using anything at all. Love.
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