Ultimate Large Condom Sampler - Generous Fit

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The Ultimate Larger Condom Sampler!
Lucky Bloke offers the perfect introduction to the very best larger latex condoms available. Our Ultimate Condom Sampler (Larger Fit) offers a great range of premium condom styles –pleasure shaped, ultrathin, ribbed, studded– for your pleasure. Explore styles that include 6, 12 or 24 best-selling condoms from brands like Kimono, Okamoto, GLYDE, Billy Boy, Lifestyles, ONE, or Trojan. A perfect starting point when you just can't decide which great generous fit condoms to order first. Samplers May Vary Slightly From Photos to Offer Larger Range of Top-Rated Condoms.

NOTE: Order 12 or 24 pack samplers for greater variety AND ENJOY SEXY QUANTITY DISCOUNTS!!

PERFORMANCE TIP:  ULTRATHIN condoms require additional lubricant to enhance pleasure and safety (reduce breaking). Additional lube also heightens pleasure with TEXTURED condoms.
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Reviews for Ultimate Large Condom Sampler - Generous Fit
4.9 out of 5, based on 40 reviews
from USA on
Excellent selection, had a lot of different materials, shapes and sizes. Found a few different options.
from Boston on
The variety pack is great .. It allows you to find the ones that really work for you or in my case the different feeling you get from the different ones adds a little something extra into the moment
from Montana on
Great variety pack of condoms. It was nice to get six different kinds to test out the brand I liked the best. And at a price that's on par, honestly sometimes better, then going to the store for condom purchases. Excellent service!!! Will buy again.
from USA on
Wonderful sampler! I picked out Billy boy, Kimono and Kyng and ordered more. For very thick girth men like me, these are cool and don't strangle you and they are very thin, unlike Magnum XL which is idealy great girth-wise, but is way too garden hose thick and insensitive for me. I highly recommend the sampler!
from NC on
Great pack of condoms. Just found out that large condoms fit me better so I decided to order this to find a good brand. Love the kimono thin and skyn large.
from United States on
Great selection of condoms and finally found the right fit. Thank you Lucky Bloke!
from Boston, MA on
Having never been able to find a nice comfortable condom, this sample pack is great. It gives a nice variety to try out and decide what you like. I'm discovering that a condom that fits makes a world of difference, so thank-you Lucky Bloke! I will definitely be purchasing from here again.
from New York on
I am so happy a product like this exists. I don't think of myself as particularly "large" in any dimension, but off the shelf regular condoms consistently were an issue for me. Too tight. Hard to get on. Hard to stay hard. I found myself having to explain to partners that it was the condom, not them, which they probably didn't entirely buy. Anyway. Lots of stress and anxiety sometimes.

So this product is a huge step in the right direction! Condoms are not one size fits all! For me the slightly wider fit of these condoms makes a big difference in my comfort. No performance issues so far with them. I highly recommend a sampler pack like these for anyone who wonders whether what they buy at the drugstore is too small (or too large). Makes a big difference.
from Colorado on
The variety pack has worked well. The largest ones have still been best for me.
from KY on
Awesome, didn't have to spend a great deal of money trying to find out what fits. I new nothing about sizes or anything my last experience with condoms was in the 80's and I couldn't get them on. now after a recent unwanted divorce I can practice safe sex thanks to Lucky Bloke.
from North Carolina on
I've had such a hard time finding comfortable condoms. I stumbled across this sampler and decided to give it a shot. Shipping was quick, and the selection is great. Came with a freebie sample, and I've already found my 2 new favorite condoms. I can't believe how much of a difference a proper fitting condom makes for a big guy. Will definitely be shopping with Lucky Bloke again soon!
from Great Lakes on
Very helpful, a good way to discover different brands and how they fit. A properly fitted condom takes the action to another level.
from CT on
Definitely my go-to condom pack. I like a lot of variety and I like that I can switch it up once in a while with these. Definitely my favorite condom buying experience!
from USA on
Great, great, great. I've been shopping around for a new condom of choice for a while, and this sampler helped me find it. The selection was excellent, including brands that you can't find in most stores. At first I was a little disappointed that mine didn't include a Magnum XL, but I'm actually glad that it included the more exotic brands that I wouldn't have thought to try, Magnums are easy to come by. Excellent variety, I'm glad it included both straight and tapered-fit. I couldn't be happier.
from Texas on
My boyfriend absolutely hated condoms until I bought him this sampler pack! Not only did he find that he fit condoms better but was previously buying the wrong size. Thank you so much for having great products!
from Colorado on
This is a great selection of condoms. Some are bigger then others so for me some are still a little tight. However these so much better then what I was using! I had never considered using larger condoms until my girlfriend suggested it - sex is so much better with a condom that fits right.
from Portugal on
In one word: Awesome.
At first I was a bit reluctant because I couldn't find any informations about the product, besides it's an international order and I'd never tried the brands on the sampler, but I was proven wrong and I can say I liked it !
Thanks to the people of Lucky Bloke for their helpfulness and fastness responding my messages!
If you're from the US, you're a lucky bloke - ORDER.
If not; It's totally worth it - ORDER :D
from Melbourne on
Great range!
from US on
Great way to test the variety to find ones which fit, ones which are tight, and ones you haven't seen before.
from Canada on
Loved this sample pack! It was fun to pick and choose a different kind every time. Also helped us find a new go-to (Skyn Large). I definitely recommend this to anyone who has problems finding a variety of larger condoms in the drug store.
from Virginia on
Bought this sampler pack as a way to try out other larger condoms to see if we could find a better fit than the two options in local stores and its such a waste to order a whole box online just to find it doesn't fir. Shipping was fast, discrete and nicely packaged inside. We appreciate the variety of brands along with several options (like thin or ribbed) within the same brand with an even spread of two each. It has given us the ability to try one out, compare to the next type and then go back to our favorites just to be sure. This has been especially helpful as he is hard to fit just right, with enough room for foreskin without slipping at the base and sufficient snugness throughout without choking. We've now got several options to choose from!
from Essex, UK on
Great chance to try out some larger rubbers before deciding whether to buy a larger quantity, great variety pack and names I have never heard of before. Very quick delivery to the UK too.
from omaha, ne on
My husband and I decided to use condoms for our form of birth control. We bought a pack at the local drug store and was highly disappointed, they did not fit him correctly. After doing some research online and we came across this site and ordered the large sampler package. we love it! We get to try a different brand every time and he can find what feels and fits best for him. Not on is the variety great but the size of the sampler package was huge. Very impressed with this service and product, thank you.
from LA,CA on
I'm glad I found this website one day when I was googling best condoms I had no idea there was a website where you can get samplers of different kinda of brands which I ordered right away! I didn't have to worry about buying just one and not liking it ..delivery is very discrete and fast and to top it off comes with free lube!! Totally recommend
from canada on
I bought this sampler after finding out that I was able to fit larger sized condoms. I never broke a condom or felt like they were too tight therefore I never considered trying larger condoms. But after doing some research and trying this sample I found that the extra width is much more comfortable and doesn't constrict my erection as much.

This sampler is great for trying many quality condoms and I think I might be buying samples instead of just one know kind. I found my self preferring the condoms with the larger width at the head because the straight shaped ones were a little tight.

Overall the shipping was fast and discreet and the prices are very reasonable. However I was a little disappointed when I only got one magnum condom while I got at least three of the other models. I would have also liked to try the magnum XL.

But overall I do recommend this.
from CA on
Great kit to try large sized condoms without having to buy a whole package and not knowing whether you like it or not. Liked everything. Thanks!
from Alabama on
Perfect assortment. We got quite a few different styles and it was perfect for us to decide what would be best for my wife and I. Also, the shipping is so fast it will make your head spin!
from California on
This sampler is huge (the condoms are large and the pack of them is big too ;) )! Really great, and the shipping was super fast.
from Japan(Chiba) on
Cause more japanese customers to reach this site,I write my review in japanese little.


Okamoto mega bigboy(you cannot get this in this site) is largest ,this is just fit for me.But this is slightly thicker ,and feel a little bad because it is blue.

It was very helpful to be able to try many products very cheaply thanks to Lucky Bloke .

As a result of tried "The Ultimate Larger Condom Sampler!",

just fit are
"TROJAN Magnum Ecstasy " and "TROJANStimulationsEcstasy".Incidentally
"TROJAN Magnum XL " is not enclosed.

Head portion is a little tight ,
"ONE | The Legend"and "BILLY BOY XXL" ,"LifeStyles | KYNG Large"

I cannot use because too small,
"GLYDE | Maxi" and "Kimono | MicroThin Large","b | Xlarge","LifeStyles | KYNG Ribbed".

I have ordered some large size series of TROJAN.

I'm sorry if this review become strange English.
from New Jersey on
They were super helpful at addressing allergy concerns, which is difficult to do for sampler orders most other places. Even the samples were either organic or all natural which was a bonus since those are hard to find in my area. I will totally do this again.
from Wa. on
If you're going to buy condoms anyways, and you haven't found a great fitting one, this is a good way to try a couple of each out. I like some, i don't like others, but atleast i know now, and i don't have a big box of them that i won't use. Especially nice since most of these aren't available in local drug stores.
from Rochester, NY on
Great variety! Actually way more condoms than I expected, I'm really excited to try them all out.
from Berkeley, CA on
After being in a long term thing (6 years) and now getting back into no monogamy, this is a great way to figure out what is best for you and your potential partner(s)....Thanks!
from Ontario, Canada on
Awesome! Bought these for my bf and I to try. We needed some variety as the stores around here only seem to carry one type of large condom, which I don't like. So far these are great! Fast shipping and discreet envelope were much appreciated.
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