ONE | Mixed Pleasures Sampler

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Size: M - Medium / Standard Fit / Assorted / Latex

ONE Aficionados - Unite for Ultimate Pleasure!

Always looking to try new things? Well, this is the Ultimate ONE Pack of Pleasure. Take ONE's Mixed Pleasures, yet expect your friends at Lucky Bloke to make it something more. Each 6 pack will include an assortment taken from: Tantric Pleasures, Super Sensitive, Pleasure Dome, Pleasure Plus, 576 Sensations, ZERO, Glowing Pleasures, & FlavorWaves. Note: Order more than one to get greater variety!

When choosing ONE you’re helping people in need. A portion of every purchase supports HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment efforts in Africa.

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Reviews for ONE | Mixed Pleasures Sampler
4.8 out of 5, based on 4 reviews
from Saudi Arabia on
This is the first time I try ONE condoms....and I must say I'm impressed with this sampler. will buy again.
from Illinois on
I'm glad this sampler exists, as it introduced me to the diverse world of One condoms. While I enjoyed most of them, my boyfriend wasn't all that fond of Tantric Pleasures, but we both agreed Super Sensitive &, especially, Zero were the best. They're comfortable on him & feel great to both of us. Definitely worth checking out!
from Louisville, KY on
One condoms has become my favorite brand of condoms to use because of their perfect fit, they are comfortable, well lubricated, make me feel safe, and their fun use of design in their packaging gives them a more modern appeal. With the mixed pleasures you get the best of everything they have to offer and you get to have fun while using them, so get this if you want to try out One.
from Brooklyn, NY on
I am proud to be the biggest One condom fan ever. Love everything about these condoms from the great graphics on the wrappers to the creative styles they offer. This One condom sampler is special because it also includes the Tantric - not generally found in the One samplers.
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