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Swipes Lovin Wipes are flushable towelettes perfect for cleaning up 
before or after intimate moments. Made with the softest body and 
eco-friendly ingredients -- free of alcohol, chlorine and dyes, they're 
just right for your most sensitive and delicate places.

Currently, individual wipes and 42-count packs are available in Unscented only.
Cucumber is on extended back-order by the manufacturer.

100% fibers are derived from sustainable resources. | Made in the USA


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Reviews for Swipes Intimate Wipes
5 out of 5, based on 6 reviews
from California on
My wife and I love these! They are absolutely perfect for what they do. They are super soft and comfortable, but strong enough to get the job done. They also stay fresh as long as we have needed them too. Also, this site has a very good price for them.
from Colorado on
These wipes are great! They make clean up super easy and I've never had any problems with irritation. We get the unscented ones, but have been wanting to try the cucumber scent. The single packages are great to throw in a bag if you're on the go, but they're a little pricey. The bigger pack is much more convenient for home use. We've had one for a couple of months and because of the adhesive on the seal they're still moist every time we use them. I would definitely recommend this product.
from United States on
Purchased the full package. Great product, but it would be good to have the ability to purchase a package of individually wrapped ones as well.
from France on
Completely unscented and soft. My skin is pretty sensitive, especially in this area, but I haven't had any irritation with these. The individual ones are very discreet and fit easily in a small handbag. The fact that they're flushable is convenient as well.
from WA on
Can't recommend Swipes highly enough! I like using damp wipes for daily cleanliness and intimacy purposes, but I'm pretty sensitive 'down there.' I can't use the conventional (heavily-fragranced, chemical-filled) adult wipes available at most stores. I tried a couple naturally-based brands, but they were expensive and not flushable...which takes away from the convenience and discreet nature of the product.

When I found Swipes about a year ago, my search for the perfect product ended. Natural ingredients, no harsh fragrances or preservatives. I didn't experience any sensitivity issues, even with the cucumber-scented version! The wipes themselves are nice quality -- not too small or thin...yet still flushable. I have a few of the singles, but the packs are extremely convenient. They re-seal well; I've never had an open pack dry out. Oh, and they're made in the U.S. I buy several packs at a time and keep them in both bathrooms, my nightstand, car and purse. I even gifted a pack to my sister. Give 'em a try!
from Colorado on
I love these! They work really well before or after an intimate situation or just to freshen up through out the day! I think the individual wipes are the way to go so you can slip them in a purse but I have container in my bathroom as well! Also unlike some other wipes my partner does not notice an after taste if I use these!
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