MY.SIZE | 60mm – NEW!!

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Size: L - Larger Fit / Ultrathin / Latex

Bigger than a Magnum, this is a True XL Condom!

If you have been looking for a larger, less restrictive condom, but might not need the world's very largest condom – your search is over! When most condoms say they're XL, they're not. However, at 60mm, 64mm and 69mm, MY.SIZES extra large condoms, are just that: much larger.

At 60mm wide, the MY.SIZE 60 condom offers the third widest shaft and is almost the most generous option in our globally diverse larger condom line-up. If 69mm or 64mm are too wide, you'll want to try this generous condom option.

MY.SIZE, an innovative German condom manufacturer, understands that the best fit for you, translates to more pleasurable and safer sex. They offer their condom line in seven sizes ranging from 47mm to 69 mm (1.7 to 2.7 inches). MY.SIZE condoms are manufactured to the highest global testing and safety standards.

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Reviews for MY.SIZE | 60mm – NEW!!
5 out of 5, based on 2 reviews
from Vienna on

We, my sex partner and I, are male both. I am only "passive", the female part, my sex partner must cover the condom. Because the condom is strained in our case, even more than with vaginal sexual intercourse, it must be very robust. For me the preservative must be sure very much, there I do not know whether my sex partner is healthy. Much more nicely it would be for us both if we could have sexual intercourse without condom, but it is too unsafe to me.
We have used many different condoms and had big problems with it over and over again. Most of the condoms we have used, only few of our demands have fulfilled. Several times the respective condom has burst after he has penetrated into my Pussy, or even if it was already a longer time in me. Thereby he has squirted his sperm liquid several times in me, as if we had used no condom. Another problem with the search for the right condom for us, is his penis size. For his penis size there is no very big choice.
One and a half years ago I have in a magazine about this MY. SIZE - condom read. A few days later I have bought this condom, and have given at the meeting to my sex partner.
Already while covering, we both have noticed that this condom is completely different when the condoms we had up to now.
This condom fulfils all our demands / expectations, it can be covered very easily, it fits perfectly, it is wafer-thin, it is very firm, very sure, the material is very pleasant, it feels like "without condom". Also the heat transfer, is perfect with this condom for us. My sex partner uses this condom for one and a half years and we both are inspired. After long search I have found this condom and have since that time a harmonious sex life, with my partner.
This condom must agree ***** +, it can only recommend.
from USA on
Getting the condoms ready makes me start to get hard. Even so, putting on the condom should be fast, not distract when we're ready for penetration. The My.Size 60 was perfect, we loved it. It rolled on effortlessly, completely covered my c0ck, had space around the head and foreskin to let me thrust with sensual intensity, ejaculation felt unrestricted. We fuck3d with maximum pleasure, unaware of the condom, exactly what you want.
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