MY.SIZE | 64mm – NEW!!

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Size: L - Larger Fit / Ultrathin / Latex

Simply Put, This is the Second Widest Condom Available.

If you have been looking for the largest, least restrictive condom available – your search is over! At 64mm wide, the MY.SIZE 64 condom offers the second widest shaft and is almost the most generous option in our globally diverse larger condom line-up. If 69mm is too wide, you'll want to try this generous condom option.

MY.SIZE, an innovative German condom manufacturer, understands that the best fit for you, translates to more pleasurable and safer sex. They offer their condom line in seven sizes ranging from 47mm to 69 mm (1.7 to 2.7 inches). MY.SIZE condoms are manufactured to the highest global testing and safety standards.

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Reviews for MY.SIZE | 64mm – NEW!!
4.7 out of 5, based on 3 reviews
from Charltte NC on
I bought both the 64 and 69mm condoms. Amazing is all I can say. I have a 6" girth and 7" length penis. The 69mm was so comfortable but a little long..9.5 long. No big deal. I had no idea a proper fitting condom would make the world of difference.
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from USA on
These are rather nice. Their size is ample for me, and the soft-textured rubber they are made from is comfy. They are thicker than I would like, and they smell and taste rather distinctly of latex. I couldn't give them a perfect score, but they are preferable to an ill fitting condom of any brand.
from United States on
We've had a lot of issues with condoms breaking, it's been nice that this has consistently not broken. We measured with the guidelines on the my.size website, the first one fit, it just wasn't snug enough. We went with this one (one size down) and have had a great experience so far!
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