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LifeStyles' Gold Standard, Ribbed 

KYNG RIBBED is LifeStyles’ premium design for the man who needs a larger and more comfortable fit – partnered with 4 inches of ribbing along the shaft. Specially lubricated for maximum pleasure, these condoms are extra long, extra wide and extra sexy in their most popular flared shape. LifeStyles produces some of the most popular and innovative condoms in the world. Made from premium latex, they have a low latex scent. Lifestyles (aka Manix in Europe and Ansell in Australia) are produced to the highest global standards.

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Reviews for LifeStyles | KYNG Ribbed
4.7 out of 5, based on 3 reviews
from Rexburg, ID on
This is our new favorite condom! The fit was perfect, it wasn't too thick, and the texture felt great! Usually my partner has a hard time finishing when we use condoms, but that wasn't a problem this time. We will definitely be using the KYNG Ribbed condoms again.
from Northern Virginia on
The KYNG Ribbed was the first condom we tried out of our big ol' sample bag of goodness. I was excited to try out a textured condom for the first time. We honestly hadn't realized what a large selection there was out there for large men. The KYNG Ribbed didn't smell unpleasant, which was a plus. I find the scent of the lubes used on some condoms to be extremely off-putting. We paired the KYNG with Sliquid's Ride Dude Lube H2O for added glide. The KYNG fit very nicely, not too tight, on my partner, who often has difficulty finding a proper fit in condoms.

While the ribs on the condom weren't immediately noticeable, they did their job to heighten sensation on my end (as the Vagina having individual in the dynamic). My partner reported no particular benefit, either from the ribs, or from the density of the condom. I don't recommend the KYNG Ribbed for any marathon sex sessions, that was perhaps a mistake, due to the increased friction from the ribs. While it didn't leave me sore, it did leave me feeling very overstimulated after a while. Even so, it's a mistake I'm likely to repeat. It should be mentioned that I am in the category of vagina havers that can orgasm from penetration, and I feel that between the KYNG ribbed and a comparable condom, the Ribbed certainly helps me get there much faster.

The ribs on the KYNG Ribbed, as I have mentioned, are very small and placed close together. They create a somewhat more natural feel, perhaps a bit more stimulating than bare skin in some ways, for the receiving partner. I haven't attempted to try them for anal, but I remain uncertain if I would want to, I feel it might be a bit too much.

In conclusion, the KYNG Ribbed is large enough for a big man, highly stimulating for the receiving partner, and pleasant enough to use, which is what I like out of a condom. It would be nice if more effort had been put into making it more stimulating for the condom wearing partner, however.
from GLOBAL on
KYNG RIBBED condoms were not reviewed during our initial Mission: Great Sex! Global Condom Review. However, we're pleased to announce that they've joined us for our 2013 reviews! In the meantime, have you tried them?! Let us know what you think by leaving your review.

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