Pasante | Trim – NEW!!

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By Pasante

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Size: S - Smaller / Snugger Fit / Standard / Latex

A Slim, Close, Secure Fit

Pasante Trim has been the go-to smaller condom in the UK. Enjoy this popular small
condom when you want reliable security and protection without compromising comfort.
They feature a classic shape and are manufactured by Britain's leading condom brand.

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Reviews for Pasante | Trim – NEW!!
5 out of 5, based on 3 reviews
from Memphis on
It is the greatest fit condom yet! I've tried several different condoms that were either too baggy or too loose fitting. This is ideal!
from California on
This was the first condom I tried from my sample pack, as well as the first small condom I ever tried, and I loved how it felt. The grip was firm and secure enough to prevent slippage, without causing any discomfort. I also liked the sensations the condom produced.

Much recommended.
from California on
Had low expectations because this one had no reviews, but we liked it a lot! One of the favorites from our sampler pack after not liking some of the other slim-fits. It fights tight but wasn't uncomfortable and had a nice feel in use.
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