Pasante | King Size (60mm) - NEW!!

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By Pasante

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Size: L - Larger Fit / Standard / Latex

King Size Upgrade.

At 60mm wide, Pasante King Size offers a great option for men when other large condoms are still too snug.  These Pasante condoms provide both a little extra length and girth. Most condoms in the larger category are 56mm, King Size is 60mm.

Pasante is the go to condom brand in the UK. Enjoy this popular large condom when you want reliable security and protection without compromising comfort.  Pasante King Size features a classic generous shape and are manufactured by Britain's leading condom brand to meet all safety standards.


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Reviews for Pasante | King Size (60mm) - NEW!!
4.7 out of 5, based on 3 reviews
from Phoenix, AZ, USA on
This condom is the first rubber I can put on with ease. I'm not that long, but I'm big around - 6.5 inches circumference. Regular condoms are just impossible, but I used Magnums as soon as they came onto the market. I thought they were ok, but Pasante King is much better. They go on easier, and feel great. It's a smooth unroll, stays on, and the sex feels good. I have used these with a variety of partners, for both vaginal and anal sex. I've received no negative comments from any of the women who have been on the receiving end.
I'm not going back. I have tried the new Magnum thin, and it was still tough to get on. It's not wide enough, and I feel like the material just doesn't stretch like the pasante. I've used them for a couple of years now, and I've never had a condom break. I'm still trying other large brands, but this is the best I've found so far.
from USA on
These are noteworthy for being low in latex odor and inoffensive to the senses of smell and taste. However, they do not give the best sensitivity I have ever encountered, for the rubber they are made from is a trifle stiff, as opposed to soft and yielding, and by no means thin. Quality appears to be good and the rubbers seem quite strong enough to resist breakage in most cases. I dinged these one star on the sensitivity issue, but I like their generous fit and the lack of odor.
from Tennessee on
I went to these from the SKYN condoms. these feel awesome in comparison.
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