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Ultra-thin.  Ultra-strong.  Luxury Condom. Now Even Larger.

Apologies! Manufacturer temporarily out of stock.

UNIQUE PLUS is brand new and we can't wait to hear what our customer's think.

The thinner the condom, the greater the pleasure. Made from high-tech synthetic polyethylene resin, odorless, non-latex condom UNIQUE is 3x stronger AND 3x thinner than conventional (latex) condoms. Of course, they are also vegan.

Unlike the Unique Pull, these do NOT have pull tabs.  

Please be sure to email us and let us know what you think of this new condom. We are very eager for feedback!

Length: 190 mm – 7.48 inches
Width: 60-62mm
Thickness: 0.015 mm


NOTE: If you require a slimmer/tighter fitting or standard fitting condom, this condom will not be comfortable for you.  

CONDOM PRO-TIP: UNIQUE is designed to conform best to a non-lubricated (dry) penis. However, do feel free to use any of the superior lubricants we carry, on the outside of the condom for your partner's pleasure.


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Reviews for UNIQUE PLUS
4.6 out of 5, based on 5 reviews
from USA on
I have been using the standard Unique Pulls for a while. If you have, and found that the "band" was a bit tight, try these!

I thought for sure it would come off... Nope! Amazing, no pinching!
from Virgina on
My husband and I ordered a pack of these when they first became available, since we have always struggled with finding a condom that fits him well and feels good for me. This was the first condom we tried that really fit the bill for both of us!

There is a bit of a learning curve for putting them on--the first time, the condom bunched up a bit and we had a hard time smoothing it back down to fully cover him. However, the second one we used went on much more smoothly, so we can only assume this was a problem with us and not with the condom.

I don't know if it's because this is the only non-latex condom we've tried, or if it's some other reason, but this condom felt AMAZING on my end too. Usually I struggle with condoms just as much as my husband does because we need to keep pausing to reapply lube. Most condoms I've tried with him are the same way--within moments, no matter how much lube we've put on it (or me!) beforehand, any pleasure is gone and all that's left is friction and burning. Not so with the Unique Plus! The first time we used it we supplemented it with a little lube, and that felt pretty good. The second time, we didn't use anything except the condom, and I was amazed to find we didn't even need it! Hands down the best experience I've ever had with a condom.

In short, once we got the hang of using the Unique Plus, we both greatly enjoyed it. It has catapulted itself from a curiosity to our favorite condom yet.
from Montna on
Getting large to extra large condoms has been very hit or miss. These are the best condom I have ever used! They are different and the first time I put one on, the lack of a elastic band at the base seemed like it would come off. Not! it stays on and is almost like bareback. Number one on my list. But, if you don't have a large member, these will be too loose and likely fall off.
from Los Angeles on
These are basically longer versions of the Unique Pull, but not really wider unfortunately. The main difference is that there are no pull tabs on these, but it unrolls with a little frill around the bottom. If you are girthier, this might help you put these on (I had problems with the tabs pulling free on the the regular sized ones.) The material is unquie, akin to plastic wrap. While it doesn't stretch like latex, the feeling is sensational. I'd recommend to longer, but not too wide guys. Wallet safe, too.

If they made a wider version, this would be all I'd buy, despite the cost.
from Northern California on
These are in fact, a little larger and they have dumped the pull-tabs like are on the regular sized.

I found it easy to roll them on - the base of the condom forms a large flange at the base of the pene. Not bad or good, just different look with that flange that was there.

I've already placed a second order for some more.
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