SOU Campus Condom Review

QUICK RECAP:  This is how Mission: Great Sex! will work:

1.   You will click on the BLUE link below to get started!
2.   You will supply the information requested. (Via a quick online form. It should 
      take you less than 5 minutes.) This is the intake information that will ensure 
      that you are matched with the perfect condoms for your pleasure! You must 
      complete this questionnaire in order to receive your condoms.
3.   On Thursday, March 14th, arrive at SOU's Diversions from 12:30-1:30pm. 
      We'll have a brief program, questions and answers on how you can get the 
      most out of the review AND ... you will pick up your deluxe condom sampler!
      Note: if you cannot attend this event, let us know, and will provide directions 
      on where to pick up your condoms.
4.   You will enjoy the condoms (some more than others...) ;)  And then you will 
      provide your reviews (one for each condom) online via simple questionnaires.  
      While they are multiple choice, the more extra information (and brutally honest 
      feedback) you provide the better. Your anonymous feedback will be given to 
      the condom manufacturers.
      And yes, your identity will be kept under lock and key. 

  >> ACCESS MISSION #1: HERE !! <<

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