EACH LINK (below) corresponds to a condom that is being reviewed during SOU's
Campus Condom Review (aka Mission: Great Sex!) 

This page is where you will access ALL QUESTIONNAIRES for each condom you are reviewing. 

1.  You may review the condoms in the order you choose.  Have sex. Use one (or more) condoms. HINT!! > Save the package/foils to assist you in completing your review.

2.  You’ll fill out a brief questionnaire for EVERY condom you review.  Each review should take no longer than 2-3 minutes to complete.  Submit your review within 24 hours of using the condom.
3.  Enter your review by locating the Brand/Style for each condom below.

4.  Repeat the process as you use the condoms. 

PLEASE NOTE:  The review begins from the moment the condom package/foil is opened.

If you do not want to use a condom – don’t.   If the condom is too uncomfortable to use, remove it and select another condom. If it is unappealing OR uncomfortable, make a mental note and move on.

HOWEVER, will do want you to review (provide feedback) on EACH condom sent to you. This includes condoms that you chose not to use, that were damaged, etc.  For these condoms, please provide feedback on why you didn't use it.

We want  ALL of your FEEDBACK whether it be positive, negative, or neutral!

At Lucky Bloke, our mission - is for you to find several condoms that you enjoy and want to use!

Questions?!  Contact us we're on stand-by, ready to answer your questions or provide further info!

We thank you for your participation!  To your ultimate pleasure!


BEYOND SEVEN  |  Aloe     
bright green package/foil with dark green stripe
BEYOND SEVEN  |  Sheerlon   
bright orange package/foil with dark blue stripe
BEYOND SEVEN  |  Studded
bright lavender package/foil with purple  stripe

BILLY BOY  |  Beaded   
small black box with dark pink writing / black package/foil (rectangle)
BILLY BOY  |  Extra Lubricated
small black box with bright blue writing / black package/foil (rectangle)
BILLY BOY  |  Special Comfort  
small black box with yellow writing / black package/foil (rectangle)

CAUTION WEAR  |  Iron Grip
dark gray package/foil

CROWN  |  Assorted Colors 
bright green package/foil
CROWN  |  Skinless Skin
bright blue package/foil

DUREX  |  Colors & Scents:   
STRAWBERRY (red foil) 
ORANGE (orange foil) 
BANANA (yellow foil) 
GREEN APPLE (green foil) 

DUREX  |  Extra Sensitive 
dark purple package/foil
DUREX  |  (Maximum) Love
red package/foil
DUREX  |  Performax
dark purple package/foil
DUREX  |  Pleasuremax
dark purple package/foil

FC2:   These condoms will be delivered separately. Questionnaire not yet available.

GLYDE  |  Maxi 
gold package/foil
GLYDE  |  Slimfit 
red package/foil - package/foil rectangle not square
GLYDE | Slimfit Strawberry
red package/foil - package/foil rectangle not square
GLYDE  |  Ultra
blue-green package/foil

Ultra BLACK LICORICE "COLA"  black package/foil
Ultra BLUEBERRY dark blue package/foil
Ultra STRAWBERRY pink package/foil
Ultra VANILLA creamy ivory-yellow package/foil
Ultra WILDBERRY purple package/foil

KIMONO  |  Microthin 
dark blue package/foil
KIMONO  |  Microthin Large   
dark purple package/foil

KIMONO  |  Textured   

goldenrod package/foil

KIMONO  |  Thin  

red package/foil

L. | Classic
black foil with "L." 
[tiny type on the silver strip (back) that reads: "CLASSIC"]
L. | Do {each other} Good
black foil with "L."
[tiny type on the silver strip (back) that reads: "S PLEASURE"]
L. | Large
black foil with "L." 
[tiny type on the silver strip (back) that reads: "EL"]
L. | Ultrathin
black foil with "L."
[tiny type on the silver strip (back) that reads: "ULTRATHIN"]

Lifestyles  |  3Sum
orange package/foil

Lifestyles  |  KYNG

gold package/foil

Lifestyles  |  SKYN

gold package/foil

Lifestyles  |  SKYN Large

black package/foil

Lifestyles  |  Snugger Fit  

medium blue package/foil

Lifestyles  |  Zero Larger  

white package/foil

Okamoto |  004
white package/foil

ONE  |  576 Sensations  
CIRCLE: assorted image (front) / yellow (back package/foil) 

ONE  |  Flavor Waves  (CIRCLE package/foils): 
Bubblegum  (image of sexy lips)  
Chocolate Strawberry  (image of chocolate covered strawberry) 
Island Punch  (image of cocktail at beach)  
Mint Chocolate  (image of cupcake - green frosting)  
Banana Split  (image of banana)  
Fresh Mint  (image of swirled peppermint candy )  

ONE  |  (The) Legend
CIRCLE: assorted image (front) / red (back package/foil) 
ONE  |  Pleasure Plus  
CIRCLE: assorted image (front) / light blue (back package/foil) 
ONE  |  Super Sensitive  
CIRCLE: assorted image (front) / dark blue (back package/foil) 
ONE  |  Tantric Pleasures
CIRCLE: purple, red, or dark blue package/foil

TROJAN  |  Bareskin
pale seafoam green package/foil
TROJAN  |  Charged
orange and white package/foil
TROJAN  |  Extended Pleasure 
charcoal gray and white package/foil
TROJAN  |  Fire & Ice Ecstasy
dark purple (larger) package/foil
TROJAN  |  Her Pleasure Ecstasy
icy lavender metallic (larger) package/foil
TROJAN  |  Her Pleasure Sensations
lavender and white package/foil
TROJAN  |  Magnum 
gold package/foil
TROJAN  |  Magnum Ecstasy
gold (larger) package/foil
TROJAN  |  Magnum Thin
gold package/foil
TROJAN  |  Magnum XL
gold package/foil
TROJAN  |  Supra
gold package/foil
TROJAN | Ultra Ribbed Ecstasy
gold (larger) package/foil



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